Yıl: 2009/ Cilt: 11 Sayı: 6 Sıra: 6 / No: 406 /     DOI: 10.4026/1303-2860.2009.0132.x

The Impacts Of Subcontracting On The Identity Of Workers In Workplace
Dr.Zeynep ŞİŞLİ
İzmir University of Economics

Subcontracting, as a different type of work organization, has a very effective impact not only on individual labour rights but also on collective labour rights. Workers of principal employer and subcontractors produce goods or services by performing same jobs in same workplaces side by side. However, work conditions of these two groups of workers are very different. Wages and financial conditions are never similar for same work. Subcontractor’s workers are paid minimum wage mostly, on the other hand principal employer’s employees get higher wages. Subcontractor’s workers have difficulties in applying trade-union membership compared to a principal worker. Subcontractor can not afford to give more rights to workers. Payments given to workers by subcontractor are limited by subcontract due to the competition made at the beginning between candidate-subcontractors for taking the business at lowest cost. Additionally, work conditions of subcontractor’s workers can not be changed by making a deal with their employer, because subcontractor is not the boss really. So it is nearly impossible to make collective bargain and contract with their own employer for better fiscal rights and work conditions for subcontractor workers by being members of trade-union. Their all work conditions are based on a commitment made between subcontractor and principal employer  at  the probable minimum payment. Subcontractor workers are not accepted as a real actor of work neither by principal company nor it’s workers in spite of working there even for long years. They always feel like aliens who can be easily kicked out and have to leave the workplace in any case at the end of the period of subcontract because of not being principal employer’s workers. They do not have an organizational identity related to principal company as it’s own workers. This reality causes emotionally low self-esteem and identity crisis of the subcontractor’s workers in workplace as they express clearly. The legal rules are against to discrimination of labour and ensure to protect equality in work.  Inequal conditions for subcontractor labour and different wages for similar work of equal value are banned by 2nd  and 5th articles of Turkish Labour Code.  The reason why subcontracting exists is providing low cost of labour. It is normally expected discrimination between two groups of workers in workplace in real life in spite of protective law. Law sometimes can not be protective enough. There must be not only more protective law but also special policies regulated by government and some precautions taken by trade-unions immediately for this topic. Otherwise all the labour rights, individual and collective, gained by workers in centuries can not be used by subcontractor’s workers. The identity problem as a result of subcontracting will probably be one of the important occupational health and safety problems in immediate future.


Subcontracting, Discrimination, Diversity, Worker,  Identity, Trade-Union

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